Tael's Dawn

Population: Former: 807 (Village) Current: 0
Main Industry: Agriculture
Country: The Kingdom of Redalia
Mayor: Jordan Duskfall (missing, presumed dead)
Councilors: Leese Taimo, Grellyn Adamchik, Arpad Redish, Alhandra Huczko, Ancalinte Ciranwen, Corbesont Pirelcalmo (all missing and presumed dead)
Captain of the Guard: Maevis Tesseril (now deceased)
Lord: Lady Loradiana Hollysword

Tael’s Dawn is a village in North-Eastern Redalia. It exists along a major trade route between the Redalian capital and Citadel Belhorn, and is thus frequented by merchant caravans. It is also a farming community, and was once a significant part of the fief of the House Hollysword, a line of minor Elven nobles.


Tael’s Dawn was recently destroyed in a Drow raid. The Dark Elves rose in the middle of the night from a gate to The Dark that was hidden beneath the statue in the town square. Silently, like white-haired wraiths, they methodically murdered all the town guard and put down any resistance from the townsfolk. They then burnt the Tael’s Dawn to the ground and took all of the survivors captive; leading them in chains down the tunnel and in to the dark. Only 4 of the townspeople managed to escape the Drow and return to the surface. The fate of the rest is unknown.

History and Government

Since the end of the second age and the fall of Redalian feudalism, the village has been populated and governed primarily by High Elves, Humans and Halflings. House Hollysword still maintains a large estate to the south of the village, run from the old castle on the hill that overlooks the town. Lady Loradiana Hollysword, the current lady of the House Hollysword, is technically still the lady of Tael’s Dawn and the surrounding area, though she holds no real power other than a large estate which primarily exists as farm land and employs many of the locals. Lady Loradiana is rarely seen in the village however, as the young lady prefers adventuring over managing her estate. Instead, her steward, and half-elf cousin, Desmond Nale, manages the estate.

The real governmental power in Tael’s Dawn (as in most Redalian towns) is held by the mayor and the councillors. These are elected positions, with elections happening every 5 years. However, in Tael’s Dawn the people holding these positions rarely change. Since Tael’s Dawn is a prosperous and peaceful place, people are content with the government and rarely run against the long-standing mayor, a good-natured human named Jordan Duskfall.

Places in Town


Splendid Weapon a Blacksmith owned by Burlac Ahl

Mithril Hammer a Blacksmith owned by Brianna Cicco

Scroll and Potion Shops

Mystical Delicacies a Scroll and Potion Shop owned by Cole Hollowey

Queen’s Ointments a Scroll and Potion Shop owned by Varn Farquhar

Jewelery Stores

Princely Moonstone a Jewelery Store owned by Mara Backus

Noble Jacinth a Jewelery Store owned by Tabra Ursnny

General Stores

Laborer’s Concessions a General Store owned by Mede Dornin

Farmer’s Hammer a General Store owned by Zander Adair

Tallis’s Barrel a General Store owned by Tallis Wozniak


The Lucky Lion a Tavern owned by Volen Hafik

Magnificent Fisher a Tavern owned by Lum Eiben

Great Cook a Tavern owned by Andrella Negich

Tael's Dawn

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