Telepathy, mental combat and psychic powers — psionics is a catchall word that describes special mental abilities possessed by various creatures. Psionic magic is one of the three major classifications of Magic in Gaeldren. Unlike Divine Magic or Arcane Magic, it is not drawn from an outside source through ritual or worship, but is generated by the user’s own mind.

Psionically Gifted Creatures

Not all races or individuals have the same degree of psionic ability or potential. While certain creatures and individuals are born with innate psionic abilities, most require years of discipline in order to unlock their psionic powers.

Among the common races, Psionic potential varies greatly. Races such as Gnomes, dark elves and Changelings are naturally inclined to psionics, and have more psionically gifted individuals. Among races such as Halflings, Humans and Dwarves, Psionoic gifts are much rarer, and Psions of these races rarely achieve the same level of power as those of the more psionically inclined species. High Elves and Wood Elves are the least psionically inclined races. In fact, there has been a High or Wood Elf Psion who’s powers where unlocked without the help of a powerful psionic being.

Many monsters also possess natural psionic powers. Many of these creatures, and the ones with the most powerful psionic gifts are classified as “Aberrations.”


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