Major Deities of Redalia

The Kingdom of Redalia has three official churches, all of which are devoted to High-Elven Gods. These official religions are: the church of Tannor, who’s priests preside over the Redalian judicial system, the Church of Jeriel, who’s priests seek to spread beauty and educate the masses, and, most importantly, the Church of Nadav, who is said to favour the Redalian royal family and the Redalian Military. In the Second Age, before the Redalian Emancipation, these were the only religions which were allowed to be practised in Redalia’s borders. However, shortly after the Emancipation, the then-newly-formed Redalian Senate quickly passed a law allowing for the practice and establishment of temples to all non-evil religions. Now, as a nation of many races, Redalia is home to many different religious orders and cults. While the 3 official religions remain the most powerful, some of the new orders have become quite prominent, and none more so than the Church of Ursus, a human Goddess who’s religion has become increasingly popular among the commoners. While the senate supports this people’s religion, it has become quite the headache for the Readalian Nobility, who’s right to rule rests heavily on the support of the church of Nadav.

The following is a list of all gods worshipped in Redalia.

Official Religions:

Name Title Portfolios Domains Alignment Favored Weapon Race of Origin
Nadav the Champion God of justice, righteousness and the sun Sun, Fire, Nobility, Good, Glory Lawful-Good (Celestial) Longsword High-Elf
Tannor the Judge God of law, justice and prisons Law, Nobility, Knowledge, Protection, Strength Lawful-Neutral (Celestial) Warhammer High-Elf
Jeriel the Minstrel Goddess of song, beauty and art Knowledge, Luck, Liberation, Charm, Rune Chaotic-Good (Celestial) Longbow High-Elf

Other Major Religions:

Name Title Portfolios Domains Alignment Favored Weapon Race of Origin
Ursus the Sentinel Goddess of vigilance, protection and towers Community, Good, Healing, Protection, Strength Lawful-Good (Celestial) Tower Shield Human
Proserelli the Fortunate Goddess of luck, prosperity and trade Luck, Charm, Travel, Trickery, Magic True Neutral (Celestial) Rapier Halfling
Daenara the Redeemer Goddess of light, rebirth and truth Good, Knowledge, Repose, Sun, Community Neutral-Good (Celestial) Lance Human
Rodlen the Pilgrim God of roads, travel and inns Travel, Charm, Earth, Liberation, Weather True Neutral (Celestial) Quarterstaff Human/Halfling
Kio the Jester God of trickery, cracks and lies Trickery, Magic, Chaos, Charm, Destruction Chaotic-Neutral (Infernal) Flail Halfling/Goblin
Avigal the Torrent Goddess of water, rage and temperance Water, Weather, Travel, Destruction, Healing True Neutral (Celestial) Trident Wood-Elf
Pheonin the Wanderer Goddess of freedom and adventure Travel, Liberation, Air, Magic, Repose Chaotic-Good (Celestial) Elven Curve Blade High-Elf
Yatir the Primal God of nature, forests and the wilderness Animal, Earth, Plant, Weather, Community True Neutral (Celestial) Sickle Wood-Elf
Walten the Guardian God of the home, fertility and harvest Community, Earth, Good, Healing, Protection Neutral-Good (Celestial) Scythe Human
Beric the Brawler God of strength, pride and single combat Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War, Death Chaotic-Neutral (Infernal) Battleaxe Orc

Illegal Cults:

Layorr the Conqueror God of domination, slavery and conquest Darkness, Death, Evil, Strength, War Lawful-Evil (Infernal) Whip Orc/Human
Kanarit the Defiler God of carnage, hedonism and debauchery Destruction, Evil, Fire, Madness, Trickery Chaotic-Evil (Infernal) Dire Flail ?

Major Deities of Redalia

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