Halflings are smart, versatile, adventurous creatures with a flair for the dramatic. Most races recognize halflings as the second shortest humanoids in any given marketplace after Gnomes. They generally travel in small family oriented caravan groups. No known land is claimed by halflings, but that only enforces their widespread travel and settlement throughout the lands of Demistra. Most races like halflings, and enjoy their company, but they are known to be cunning, and are thus rarely trusted.

Physical Features

Fully-grown halflings stand at 3 to 3 and a half feet tall and usually weigh around 35 to 40 pounds. They usually have tough, dry and dirty skin from travelling and working with their hands. Halflings usually have dark features such as brown hair and eyes, however lighter colours are not unheard of. Halfling men often remain unshaven and it is uncommon to see any with any facial hair at all. Due to their constant travel with their family most halflings wear fancy clothing that they get from races all over Gaeldren. If their clothing and jewelry doesn’t already have a story behind it they will certainly make one up. Halflings reach full maturity at the age of 20 and often live into their second century.

History and Culture

Halflings originated in eastern Demistra, but never had any lands of their own; however they have lived among other races for as long as they have existed as a species. Early Halflings found staying in one place for too long unsettling and usually traveled in separate traveling caravans that rarely had any contact with each other, making their history hard to follow. Luckily the halfling race tends to stay out of out conflict if they can avoid it and resolve conflicts non-violently whenever possible. They have done this to the extent that the Halfling race has never been to war. Thus, they rarely play a major role in world history.

Halflings are known for bringing festivals and rare materials to cities that they visit. Although most halflings are not adventurers by trade, they have many adventuring stories from their travels and know many stories from all over Gaeldren that most settled races don’t.

In modern times many halflings have settled down in large cities, especially those who have or have lost or have fallen out with their families. Halflings living in large cities are now commonplace. Some Halflings still travel in the traditional family caravans. These caravans usually consist of three generation, the grandparents, their daughters and their daughters’ husbands, and the grandchildren. Halflings caravans are matriarchal, with the grandmother or her eldest daughter taking the place of the family matriarch. When Halflings marry, it is traditional for the husband to leave his family and join his wife’s family’s caravan.

Halflings are found throughout Demistra’s plains, woodlands and deserts. They do not like the cold, and thus generally do not venture far to the north and are almost never seen roaming the tundra. Halflings also rarely travel by sea, and thus are not found on Iktur.

Game Rule Information

the statistics for halflings can be found on pages 19-20 of the 3.5 Players Handbook.


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