Sullen short tempered creatures, found in high numbers along the wild frontiers inhabited by barbarians Humans and Orcs alike. Born into a violent unbalanced way of life, the Half-orcs would rather fight than argue. However, there are some successful half-orcs who manage to tame their wild nature whilst living in the civilized lands.

Physical Description

Half-Orcs tower between 6 and 7 feet tall usually weighing from 180 and 250 pounds. They are a hybrid race, born of a union between orcs and humans, and thus share physical characteristics of both races. It it common to see half-orcs with grayish or brownish pigmentation, sloping forehead, jutting jaw and prominent teeth. On their fairly hairy body, Half-orcs portray scars as a thing of pride, a trophy from previous battles; in fact, an un-scarred Half-orc is seldom seen.

Game Rule Information (Meta)

The statistics for half-orcs can be found on pages 18-19 of the 3.5 Players Handbook.


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