Merrows, known also as Tritons, are aquatic humanoids that live in the oceans across Gaeldren. They are elusive, and often have little contact with the races of the surface, but occasionally brave individuals venture on to land in search of adventure.


Merrows are humanoid, but beyond that their appearance can differ greatly. Their hands and feet are always human-like, but with long webbed fingers and toes, and often have fins on their arms, legs or back as well. Some merrows have hair, but usually have fins, frills or even tentacles instead. Their skin is usually blue or green, and often has natural patterns, but purple, pink, red and even black merrows are not unheard of. Some merrows can actually change the colour of their skin to match their surroundings or the skin tone of humans. Underwater, Merrows often wear little clothing, allowing them to be as maneuverable as possible, but Merrows that venture across the surface often adopt the customs of where they are traveling and dress normally.

Game Rule Information

Merrows use the stats for Undines, from the Advanced Race Guide (Page 174). However, Merrows MUST take the “Amphibious” alternate racial trait, and CANNOT take the “Acid Breath,” “Nereid Fascination” or “Ooze Breath” alternate racial traits. They also cannot take the “Hydraulic Maneuver” or the “Triton Portal” racial feats.


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