Tiny and reclusive, Gnomes are now the rarest of the “common” races of Gaeldren. During the First and Second Ages, the Gnomish Empire spread across the underground caverns of The Dark. Now, they live amongst the surface races, driven from their subterranean cities and trying to re-create their lost technology.

Physical Appearance

Gnomes are the smallest of the races of Gaeldren, normally measuring at about 2.5 to 3 feet tall and weighing anywhere from 30-40 pounds. Gnomes have fair skin and light hair, with eye colours that are incredibly uncommon, if not impossible, in other races, such as lavender, magenta, red, orange and violet. It is said that these unusual eye colours have something to do with the gnome’s ability to see in the dark, though this has never been properly researched. Gnome males often have facial hair which they keep well groomed and relatively short, and often favor styles such as goatees or mutton-chops. Gnomes are fine craftsmen, and men and women alike enjoy elaborate and finely made clothing and jewellery. Because they originated in the Dark, gnomes have a natural talent for Psionics, and practice this more than other forms of magic. Though they have lived on the surface for nearly 3,000 years, gnomes still have not fully adapted to living under the light of the sun. Their pale skin burns easily, and many still have vision problems because of the sunlight. Thus, it is more common to see a gnome who wears spectacles or goggles than one who does not.

Game Rule Information

The stats for Gnomes can be found on page 23 of the Core Rulebook, or page 30 of the Advanced Race Guide. However, Gaeldren Gnomes are slightly different from standard Gnomes. The default Gnome Stats for a Gaeldren Gnome have the “Darkvision” alternate racial trait instead of “Low-Light Vision” and “Keen Senses” and have the “Master Tinker” alternate racial trait instead of “Defensive Training” and “Hatred”. These alternate racial traits are found on pages 32-33 of the Advanced Race Guide. A Gnome PC may opt to take the regular gnome build instead, but they need to have a back story reason for this.


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