Timeline of Key Historical Events

The Beginning of Time and Pre-History

Long has it been debated how the universe came to be. Each race, culture and religion has its own creation myth, but that is all these are: Myths. The true origin of the universe is a secret known only to the Gods, and one which they are eternally bound to never reveal to mortal beings.

It is not even known how many of the races which inhabit Gaeldren came to be, as they likely entered this world as little more than animals and had to discover the art of writing before they were able to record their history. That being said, it can be deduced from archaeology that the Elves were the first race to use tools and create settlements. They were followed closely by the subterranean Gnomes, and later the mountain-dwelling Dwarves.

It took over 10,000 years for the Elves to finally invent written language and The Elven Calendar which is still used to this day. It is at this point that we begin to see written records, and thus, the First Age began.

The First Age

The First Age took place from the beginning of the Elven Calendar, year 0, to the year 3,000. Records of the beginning of this period are spotty carry a strong Elven bias as writing was a new technology and only available to the Elves. What we do know of this period is that though the Elves were divided into many nations and across 2 continents, they all spoke a uniform tongue, which survives today as Old Elvish, and worshipped the same God, Yatir, God of the forest. This suggests that in pre-history, the elves were either originally one tribe who spread across the globe and then divided in to many kingdoms, or were all at some point conquered and united under one single kingdom. We also know that they interacted occasionally with the Dwarven Tribes and had contact with the Gnomish Kingdoms.

At around the year 1,000, the Gnomes developed their own script, which was adopted by the Dwarves (though they altered it slightly for their own tongue). From this point onward, we have records from these three races, and a better picture of events can be deduced.

About 300 years later, we begin to see records from both the Dwarves and Elves of contact with a group of savage horned humanoids. The Elves referred to these beings as Urké, while in Ancient Dwarvish they are called Orkin. This was the first of many times Orcs would feature in the history of both races.

In approximately the year 2,000, the Elves of middle Demistra write of contact being made with a race of small nomadic peoples who came to their lands from the unsettled East. These peoples were the Halflings, who at this time spoke their own tongue and kept their histories as oral tradition.

Timeline of Key Historical Events

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