The Kingdom of Redalia

Redalia is the oldest and most powerful of the high-elven kingdoms. It is located in north-western Demistra. While the nobility are High Elves, the lower and middle classes are primarily Humans and Halflings. Redalia shares close and friendly diplomatic relations with the Dwarven Citadels, and trade between them is frequent. The flag of Redalia is a red field with a gold horizontal stripe in the centre and a yellow and gold gryphon. The currency are gold, silver and copper coins marked with the gryphon crest. The gold pieces are commonly refered to as Gryphons, or Gryphs, while the others are simply silvers and coppers.


Redalia is ruled by King Markas Redthorn, but he does not hold absolute power. After the human rebellions at the end of the second age, the monarchy was forced to create an elected senate. the senate controls all domestic affairs, such as taxation and the judicial system, as well as the peasant militia, while the exclusively elven nobility commands the professional standing army and foreign relations. However, with the middle class growing stronger, the senate continues to become more powerful, much to the chagrin of the nobles.

The land of Redalia is divided in to 18 different provinces, each of which is ruled by a Duke. these Dukes then preside over many local lords who hold estates within their lands. The Dukes are responsible for the security and military force of their province, but the local lords have no true governmental power. Local government is instead the responsibility of elected town Mayors and councilmen.

The Kingdom of Redalia

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