The Elven Calendar

For the sake of clarity, this article is written from a real-world perspective.

The predominant calendar used across Gaeldren is the ancient solar calendar developed by the Elves nearly 9,000 years ago. The calendar is identical to the real-world calendar, except the months of the year and days of the week have different names. Another important difference is that every 3000 years a new age begins, and the number of the year resets. These changes of dates, whether through coincidence or intent, always line up with a major global historical event. The current year is 2999 of the third age (or, the year 8,999 if it were counted since the beginning of recorded history), meaning that Gaeldren is currently nearing the end of it’s third age.

The names of the months and days of the week are as follows:

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The Elven Calendar

Gaeldren Quintis