Rules for Editing the Wiki

Please read before editing or creating Wiki pages!

The purpose of these rules is to set a standard for consistency throughout the campaign setting and the wiki.


Rule 1: Whenever Possible, Write from a Game-World Perspective.

When writing an entry, write it as if you were writing a wikipedia entry about something that actually exists. For example, if you decide to write an article on your character’s magic sword because you think it’s really cool and needs it own article, do NOT simply describe the sword as “Timmy’s +2 longsword of fire”. Instead write something like “Timmy’s longsword has an incredibly keen edge, and enchanted to be wreathed in magical flames.”
Any information relating to rules should be written in a section at the end of the article titled “Game Rule Information (Meta)”. This section is written from a real world (or Meta) perspective, and is where you would write that Timmy’s sword is a +2 flaming longsword.

This also applies to character bios and item descriptions.

This rule does not however apply to posts such as this one or calendar and forum posts.

Whether or not this rule will apply to the adventure log is yet to be decided.

Now of course, you shouldn’t actually ever make a Wiki entry for Timmy’s Longsword. Why? Well, because our second rule is…

Rule 2: Do not Create Separate Wiki Articles for Items and Characters.

There are separate types of entries for characters and items, and thus, they do not also need wiki entries. Why? because you can link wiki entries to your character and item entries anyway and vice versa, and we don’t want our campaign getting cluttered by useless wiki pages. remember people: we have a limited amount of server space.

Rule 3: Do not Edit Other Players’ Entries. Ever.

Pretty straight forward: if it’s not yours, don’t touch it. Some people will be putting a lot of work in to their entries, and won’t want other people mucking them up.

Rule 4: You may Only Add Information You Know In-Game to General Wiki Pages.

This is to prevent players from making things up about the world that I (the GM) haven’t approved. This also prevent spoilers for if I tell you something out of game that other players might not know. You can however add information that your PCs have learned in game that I might not have yet added. I will try to keep the info up to date, but I might fail to do that sometimes, and as the game progresses, I will be relying on the players to do this more and more.

That being said, I can see whenever people edit things, and I will be double checking those edits.

Rule 5: Do Not Create Pages For Things that are Unrelated to Your Character (Unless I Say It’s OK)

Players are not Gods. They cannot create things out of thin air. You can’t change history or create your own race. You can however have your character make things in game and create Wiki pages for those things. Say you found an order of knights, or a religion worshipping a long forgotten celestial, If you do that in game, you can make a wiki page for it and edit that however you like. I will of course be checking to make sure it fits in to the game and what not, but I will try to be as unobtrusive as possible.

There will also be cases where I may ask for help fleshing out some of the lore. If this happens, I’ll ask the players create or edit pages for things, and they could be anything from a town to a deity. I will of course be double checking to make sure it all fits, and don’t be offended if I ask you to change something or if I change something myself.

Rule 6: Use Tags and Links!!!

Tag everything! If it’s a place, tag it as a place. If it’s a city, tag it as such. Tag your characters with their race and class, and if you make NPCs tag them with their locations as well. also use links wherever possible. the first time in each post that you name something that has an entry or will have an entry, please tag it!

Doing these things will keep the Campaign organized and accessible.

That should be all for the rules. If I encounter any problems though, I might change some of these.

Thanks for reading, and have fun editing!

Rules for Editing the Wiki

Gaeldren Quintis