Changelings are a species of minor shapeshifers who are able to alter their appearance at will. Their true history remains a mystery even to most changelings. Some say that they that they come from a union of Doppelgangers and Humans, while others say that they were created by something from The Dark. Regardless of how they came to be, changelings now live in the settlements of other nations and more often than not live in disguise as a member of the dominant race.

Physical Description

Changelings are much like humans in size and build. Except that they have grey skin that appears to be thin and frail. They have large eyes that can be any colour however the most common colours are grey or blue. They often have under defined facial features such as small round noses however this is as variable as it is among humans. Changelings rarely have facial hair, however it is unknown whether this is due to an inability to or whether in makes changing their shape more difficult. Their hair is always a light silver or white. Most Changelings choose different forms to live their lives in it is rare to see a Changeling taking its true shape.
Similar to Gnomes, Changelings have a natural inclination to Psionic magic, and often become Psions, particularly Egoists. However, unlike Gnomes, the source of these Psionic gifts remain a mystery, and act only as another reason for other races to fear them.


In the early days of man changelings were thought to be a folktale. Many myths about children being switched at birth and travelers being not what they appeared to be are far spread throughout many lands. However, 900 years ago changelings began to move away from the children stories they once were. Changeling encounters began to appear in various towns, and changelings began to live without disguise. Before long Changelings had become a notable race in Gaeldren. Despite there being no evidence of regular changeling abductions as a part of their culture most people, regardless of race, dislike and distrust Changelings. Changelings are often chased out of towns, publicly disgraced, or sometimes even killed when they are discovered or when they try to take too large of a role in their communities. As a result many Changelings live their entire lives under false disguises and never take their true form after establishing a new identity. The few Changelings who do not take a new form and attempt to live their lives as Changelings can spend their whole lives trying to find communities who will accept them, many never do.

Game Rule Information (Meta)

The stats for Changelings can be found on pages 24-25 of the Monster Manual III.


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