Senator Horben Ironhouse

A Dwarven politician of the Redalian senate.


Horben is an elderly dwarf with a nearly bald head and a long grey beard. He is friendly and charismatic, especially for a dwarf.


Horben was once a mighty warrior and blacksmith of some renown, but he has given up that life due to his age. He is now a senator on the Redalian senate. Horben is suprisingly charming and idealistic for a dwarf. He is a strong supporter of democracy and trade guilds and unions. He has thus become close friends with many of the guild leaders, including Reena Baes, head of the Archeologists guild. He is one of the only council members to fully believe the story of survivors of Tael’s Dawn, and aranged for them to meet with his friend Reena Baes.

Senator Horben Ironhouse

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