King Markas Redthorn

The King of Redalia, Markas is a High-Elf and is generally regarded as a just and wise ruler.


Markas is rather tall for an elf (5’9"), with blue eyes, pale skin, and hair that was once bright red, though is now beginning to go gray. He is handsome, though his age and time as a king show on his face. He has some natural magic abilities as a Sorcerer (a gift that has existed in several members of House Redthorn) and is known to be skilled with a blade.


King Markas Redthorn was born in the year 2478 of the Third Age (he is 521 years old) and has ruled The Kingdom of Redalia since his father’s death in the year 2604 TA. He is the last full-blood high elf of the ancient House Redthorn, which founded the Kingdom of Redalia in the year 123 of the Second Age and have ruled it ever since. His only child, and heir to the Kingdom, is a half-elf bastard son named Redmund Blake.

Markas’ first wife was Lady Aralynn Silentread, but she died in childbirth along with the baby while giving birth to his first would-be heir. After her death, Markas fell in love with a human woman named Laelynn Blake, the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Due to her being a human woman and a commoner, they could not be wed, but this did not stop them from carrying out a passionate, though scandalous, romance. Eventually, Laelynn became pregnant, and their relationship became too scandalous to continue. To protect herself and her son, Laelynn was forced to go in to hiding. Markas eventually married Lady Therella Silversgleam (who is now known as Queen Therella Redthorn), but their marriage is an unhappy one, and has not yet produced a legitimate heir.

Markas Redthorn is a wise and just leader. He has managed to keep Redalia at peace since his rule began, and has fostered good diplomatic relations and trade with other nations in Demistra. His strong support of the Senate has made him much loved by the commoners and the middle class, but has caused much resentment towards him from many of the high-elven nobility. However, in the past 2 years he has been growing less supportive of the senate, and has made the powerful Duke Elgeon Silversgleam his top advisor.

King Markas Redthorn

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